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20th January 2015

Important Information

Over the last year, we have grown increasingly concerned with a problem in our industry. We are seeing more car owners, who have had automatic gearbox repairs carried out by various companies, dissatisfied with the final outcome.

Although the gearbox rebuild may have been carried out adequately, the problem lies in the programming or adaptive settings required after rebuilding the gearbox. Although the gearbox may drive forwards and backwards, and all the shifts may take place, most complaints relate to the shift quality and timing of the shifts.

When an automatic gearbox has been rebuilt and installed, the final stage before carrying out road testing, is to program adaptive values in the ECU (electronic control unit) for shift timing and shift quality. Depending on gearbox type and age, this can be anything from a simple reset procedure to a complex in depth reprogramming process.

Most of the more involved programming can only be carried out with dealer standard equipment. This is something we have invested heavily in, this is because the generic equipment used by most garages can only carry out very basic settings, and in many cases does not even actually carry out the adaptive reset it says it has carried out. We have proved this by resetting with a generic scanner and then plugging in the relative dealer scanner, only to find the adaptive settings were not changed.

We have carried out a huge amount of remedial work on vehicles of late. Sometimes we have been able to successfully reprogram adaptations, with the vehicle driving perfectly. Unfortunately there are occasions where the vehicle has been driven for too long without the correct settings, causing damage to re occur. There are times when all work has been carried out and adaptive programming done, that a further driver style relearn will be needed. This will usually occur within 100 miles or so.

So be aware, rebuilding of an automatic gearbox is never enough. Adaptive settings or correct programming is crucial to the proper functionality of modern day automatic gearboxes. If your gearbox engagement is harsh, if the up and down shifts are bumpy or slip or the shift spacing seems incorrect, especially after a rebuild. You have a problem!

If you have any such problems or need help, please call us, we are always willing to help.

This video will give an insight into the importance of adaptations



Valve body update

As many of you will know, JT Automatics are now supplying valve bodies to rebuilders and main dealers. We are currently supplying most of the late and troublesome units. Our current list consists of: Aisin Warner 55-50/51, TF-60, TF-80, TF-81, TR-60, ZF 6HP 26/28/32. These Valve Bodies Cover Manufacturers such as BMW, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mazda, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Saab, Vauxhall, Volkswagon and more.

All Valve Bodies Are Fitted with necessary mods and are fully tested and calibrated.

Problem Valve bodies no more!

With the industry seemingly still struggling to successfully rebuild many of todays vale bodies, JT Automatics Limited are proud to announce, We are not!

After extensive and tireless effort over the past 18 months, JT automatics can report a success rate of over 98% with regard to the 09D, 09G and 09K valve bodies.

We have completely modified the tools and techniques involved in rebuilding these valve bodies. We have monitored over a hundred valve bodies supplied and or fitted by ourselves in that period, and are very pleased with the results and figures.

10th May 2014